iPPM Cost Management is the solution that allows the cost management of Projects uncoupled from the native Project Cost function.

This is the scenario for companies that cannot use Project costs:

  • It is very difficult to plan costs, finding a man hour rate is almost impossible in your organization.
  • The schedule advance does not correctly reflect the actual cost, and this leaves the cost information completely wrong.
  • They have some ERP (such as SAP, for example), and would like the ERP costs to be reflected in the Project.

  • Does this scenario in any way resemble your organization's need?

    The iPPM Cost Management is an application that allows the Planning and Control of Project (and Portfolio) costs, decoupled from the rigid and native functions of Project Online.

    With iPPM Cost Management your team will be able to plan and control costs manually or integrated to your organization's ERP system, providing precise information about costs.

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