The iPPM PMO is the solution that leverages Project Online with the best practices so that the Project Office (PMO) team can have a complete, agile and dynamic management

TThese are the most common scenarios for companies that come to us:

» Have any project management software

» Already had tried to use any market software

  • All Project controls, such as: Opening Term, Stakeholders, Scope, Inspection, Schedule, EAP, Costs, S-Curve, Resources, Quality, etc., are scattered in several files and it becomes a big headache to keep them all these documents updated.
  • These documents are not integrated, so everything is loose and takes a long time to consolidate. Creating a Status Report becomes a difficult task that may take days. The stress generated is very high and the feeling of the team is as if they were “wiping ice”.
  • They have already spent money on licensing solutions such as Project, Clarity, Jira, among others, but at the end of the day they feel that the investment was poorly made and that the solution is underused.
  • The supplier is very technical, does not add much to the day-to-day with good management practices. It seems like he just wants to sell software and doesn't care too much about delivering value.

  • “iPPM came from an observation that the vast majority of Companies underuse Project and almost all of them have very similar needs. Why reinvent the wheel and spend tons of money customizing the Project?" (Filipe Ferreira, PMP, MCP)

    » What does iPPM PMO?

    Get much more than just "native" Project-based solutions and Power BI. The iPPM PMO is a complete solution for Project Management, based on Project Online and Sharepoint Online. It is configurable so that each Project Type has its own planning checklist, driven by a sophisticated Knowledge Bank Management system. Your PMO will have the following features:

    What benefits have our customers obtained with iPPM:

  • Status Report Creation Time Reduction: drastic reduction of manual effort for data collection and situation report generation, avoiding tools and spreadsheets spread throughout the organization;
  • Project Variation Reduction: projects that are better planned (scope, time, cost, risks, resources, etc.) and controlled tend to be shorter, with less variation;
  • Increase in Information Quality and in Real Time: eliminates rework in data manipulation, which causes distrust of information for decision making. It also improves the response time for executive decision making;
  • Increase in Resource Management: better planned and controlled projects tend to reduce the rate of idle and/or over-allocated resources;
  • Increase in Project Portfolio Governance: greater visibility on demands and decision-making on which are the best and most important projects to be executed.

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