Our Services portfolio is complete and provides all the necessary elements for the structuring and continuity of your organization's PMO, with an Agile and Innovative approach.

Our services are divided into 4 areas:

» Consulting and Methodology

The existence of a defined methodology is the basis for any evolution, whether cultural, methodological or tool.

We have a pre-defined methodology that allows your organization to quickly achieve the best practices in Project Portfolio Management. The great differential of our methodology is the alignment with our accelerators and courses, making the PMO implementation process faster and more effective.

Our Project Management Methodology addresses several issues that will be essential for the evolution of this topic in your organization, for example:

  • Officialization and Definition of PMO Functions;
  • Design of services provided by the PMO;
  • Definition of the life cycle of demands;
  • Definition of project type lifecycle;
  • Definition of Project KPIs;
  • Project Opening Term, including approval workflow;
  • Standard Project Plan containing all the main areas of knowledge of the PMBOK;
  • Standard schedule template;
  • Definition of the way in which the tasks are carried out;
  • Definition of the Team Training and Engagement Plan;
  • Definition of project performance measurement BEFORE X AFTER;
  • PMO Benefit Measurement Model.

» Tool / Software

We provide complete solutions for your Project Office.

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» Knowledge Transfer / Training

We provide training for your project team, ensuring the adoption of the proposed solutions.

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» Support

After the implementation of Project, combined with the availability of our accelerators, our support team will be able to provide support to your project team, thus ensuring a continuous and mature evolution of the solution.

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