Solutions for Project Management (PPM) and Products, unifying methods and best practices such as PMBOK, SCRUM, Hybrids and Lean Inception

Applications from the iPPM family (ingty Project and Portfolio Management) transform Project Online into a differentiated solution, including dozens of functionalities adhering to the best practices, integrating processes, knowledge bank and promoting agility to the Project Office (PMO).

iExpress PMO

Transforms Project Online into a complete solution for your Project Office.

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iExpress Demands

Capture, organize, prioritize and give visibility to Project Demands.

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iExpress Hybrid

Brings the best of PMI and SCRUM, Schedule and Kanban together.

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iExpress CAPEX

Allows the Project Manager to control Project costs accurately.

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iExpress Products

Product lifecycle governance, based on Design Thinking and Lean Inception.

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iExpress Agile

Add Agile (SCRUM) functions to Project Online, all in the same Portfolio.

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iExpress Connector

Allows the integration of your Project Online with any other solution.

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iExpress Maintenance

Allows you to manage the maintenance of a Product upon completion of the Project.

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iExpress Metodology

Project Methodology for Agile PMO, based on the exclusive "Aggregated Scope" technique.

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