The Hybrid Project Management solution, which combines the best of PMBOK best practices (PMI) and the Flexibility of Agile Methods?

  • Have you ever come across situations where the methodology based on the PMBOK (PMI), which is important for good Governance, ends up being too laborious and with bureaucratic processes?
  • Have you ever tried to follow the wave of Agile Methods, where SCRUM is sold as the solution to all problems, but it doesn't fit with the reality of the company, making its use unfeasible?
  • Do the projects require a Delivery Schedule, so it is not possible to use "Sprints", at the same time, do they demand autonomy and flexibility from the team, without giving up on Governance?

  • Faced with these challenges, which are also our customers' desires, we announce the iPPM Hybrid - a solution that unites the universes of "Traditional" and "Agile" Projects in a Hybrid Framework, allowing for Optimized Planning and Dynamic Execution, with agility and less bureaucracy.

    What will your organization have with iPPM Hybrid:

  • The Project Manager will basically be concerned with the planning and control of the Delivery schedule.
  • The team will work with a Kanban, adapting the tasks according to reality, bringing the concept of "Autonomous and Self-Manageable Team".
  • Delivery management brings an objective vision and clear communication.
  • The PMO will have a consolidated view of Traditional, Agile and Hybrid Projects - all in the same Cockpit!

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